4 Easy Tips On How To Get The Most Out Birch Water

There are so many goodies in our forests. If we only knew how to get the most out of them! Nutritionist Teele Teder, shares easy tips on how to get the most out of drinking ÖselBirch birch water.

How to strengthen your immune system?

Did you know that your immune system depends 80% on how good your digestion is? Let’s see how birch water can help you with this. ÖselBirch fermented and unpasteurised birch sap SOUR contains good bacteria that supports your digestive system very effectively. However, you would need to drink it regularly every day in order to notice any difference. Just one bottle a day is enough to significantly strengthen your immune system.

How to best absorb all the vitamins and minerals?

Birch sap contains a lot of trace minerals and vitamins. For example, it contains much needed C vitamin, PP vitamin, carotene, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and also zinc. However, it is important that you don’t have birch water and coffee at the same time. You would need to drink it separately in order to absorb all good the good nutrients. The reason why you should drink these separately is because coffee prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals. If you really love drinking coffee and love refreshing ÖselBirch as well, then it would be a good idea to have these two drinks at least an hour apart.

Make enzymes work for you!

ÖselBirch SOUR birch water is one of the few available drinks that is rich in enzymes. This means that it also helps to digest other foods better and absorb the nutrients. That’s why it is also a good drink to have with your food. This way, you can take the maximum of the foods that you eat in which all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are absorbed much better. As a bonus on top, it also provides a longer-lasting satiety. Enzymes also help to relieve the digestive process, which in turn reduces digestive disorders and the feeling of heaviness. I would recommend having half a bottle with your every meal. However, be wary not to drink too much liquid while eating as this can dilute gastric juice, which affects the digestive process. Feel free to drink refreshing SOUR at any other times during the day besides having it with food.

Getting rid of excess salt

It is hardly a big news that our foods are becoming saltier with every year. This is bad for very many reasons. One of the most important negative consequences is that sodium and potassium relationship goes off balance. All this causes fatigue, is bad for our cardiovascular system and weakens our immune system. Luckily, birch water has a very favorable potassium and sodium ratio that also helps to remove excess salt from the body. So, if you know that your menu contains not enough vegetables ja fruits, which are the regular source of potassium, then add ÖselBirch into your menu instead of other drinks. This is a great way to relieve the imbalance between sodium and potassium. Also, have a Börch whenever you know that you have exaggerated with salts!

TEELE TEDER // Nutritionist

Teele Teder is an Estonian nutritionist who has lost 36kg of weight. She knows what is like to be overweight which is why she wants to help others in achieving their ideal and healthy bodyweight. Teele is also a co-author in many health magazines in Estonia, like Tervis Pluss and Oma Maitse.