What Is Birch Water And Where Does It Come From?

What Is Birch Water And Where Does It Come From?

So, from apples you get apple juice, from oranges you get orange juice, from coconut you get coconut water. Simple, no confusion. But where does birch water come from?

Birch water can be tapped once a year in spring only

Every spring, when the snow melts and the nature is waking up,  the birch trees draw gallons of water underneath the frozen surface of the soil.

Birch sap can be collected only once a year! The harvesting time is brief and lasts only a few weeks in the early spring. You can collect the sap by tapping the tree trunk, or alternatively, collect it from a tree branch. After the harvest, the hole is closed and the tree heals itself within a year. Fresh birch sap tastes lightly sweet and it is drinkable right away.

Birch water has been used as a refreshing and healthy drink in the early spring in Baltics, Scandinavia and in Russia as well as in China and Canada for centuries. In folk medicine, birch sap is used for several health benefits; birch water is naturally diuretic which helps to clear your body from toxins. What is more, Birch water contains nutrients such as amino acids, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium, iron (University of Alaska Fairbanks).



Drink it fresh or fermented

Birch water is drinkable in two qualities: fermented and fresh. Our ÖselBirch SOUR is naturally fermented birch water without any additives, it is not heat treated nor does it contain any preservatives. Due to its natural fermenting process, it contains 0-0,3g of sugar per 100ml* – so basically sugar free. Besides our fermented we also have another 5 unique blends to quench our thirst with: Rhubarb, Mojito, Sea-buckthorn, Aronia, and Ginger-Lingonberry. No matter which flavour you choose, all our blends are low in sugar. ÖselBirch drinks are also suitable for different dietary restrictions such as vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free diets.
* Values can vary depending on the harvest


What are the benefits of drinking birch sap?

The benefits of birch sap are similar to coconut water, except birch sap tastes much more delicate and soft, which is why you can easily create different flavour variations with it. It is the perfect drink for the people who wish to have less sugar in their diet; so if you are looking for a healthier alternative to sugary drinks but do not fancy just drinking plain water then birch water is a good alternative with the all-natural hydration benefits. There are already several case studies about birch water benefits out there. For example,  Polish Botanical Society reports research findings of birch water’s ability to support liver health by helping to elminate toxins such as fat, alcohol, pesticides and many more. As well, PLOS ONE journal has pubslished research that showcases the findings of birch extract being able to speed up wound healing.