Birch water is a low sugar plant-based beverage that has roots in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. There it has been traditionally used as a natural source of detox for centuries and is sometimes considered as a youth elixir. It is carefully collected once a year from organic certified forests and with its unique set of minerals and vitamins, you can think of it as a nordic answer to coconut water.



ÖSELBIRCH birch water contains antioxidants like Manganese, traces of other important minerals and vitamins like Potassium, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin C and so on.

The manganese contained in the birch water protects the cells from oxidative stress and supports normal energy metabolism and bone maintenance, as well as healthy connective tissue.


Birch water is tapped from birch trees once a year, in the early spring. In Nordic cultures, it has traditionally been the best revitalising drink from the nature. It nourishes the body with natural trace minerals and vitamins.

Birch Water