Sustainability is very important to us

So far, all of our products have been filled in glass bottles because we – like many others – were of the opinion that this was the most sustainable way. However, we have found that this is not always the case especially if the beverage isn’t filled and distributed in a certain range. Transportation is often what makes glass a loser, especially when the transportation route is long. The glass must first be brought to the filling plant and then to the consumer. In addition, it is collected again after consumption and transported back to the filling plant. Since the bottle takes up a lot of space during transport, this creates more emissions.

So we wanted to change a few things and try something new.


Reducing our carbon footprint:

The plant-based content of this packaging contributes to a low-carbon, circular economy.


More efficient logistics and reduction of emissions:

The packaging is conveyed flat in the production plant and, after filling, takes on an efficient form so that no “air” is transported. As a consumer, you can easily fold the packaging when disposing of it 😉

Carbon trust

Made from renewable (plant-based) raw materials:

This packaging consists of 72% vegetable raw materials: paper and plastic obtained from sugar cane.

We use paper made from trees that have been responsibly harvested and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Paper is a renewable resource that helps reduce CO2 emissions.



The recycling process:

Recycling beverage cartons is a simple process that only uses water. When packaging and water are mixed, paper and plastic layers are separated into two fractions, each of which can be recycled into new products.


Manufacturing of new products:

Materials made from recycled cardboard can be used to make paper towels or secondary packaging such as tiles and furniture.


And YOU are an important part of it:

In Germany, the recycling rate for Tetra Paks is 77% and you can do your part by separating your garbage properly and recycling the packaging in the yellow sack.

world cleanup day logo

With every bottle or Tetra Pak sold, you donate to World Cleanup Day. World Cleanup Day is the world’s largest bottom-up civic movement to clean up pollution and plastic waste.

plant for the planet öselbirch

Together with Plant-for-the-planet.org we plant at least 500 new trees every year. Plant-for-the-planet.org is a global movement with one big goal: to motivate humanity to plant 1,000 billion trees – as a time joker in the fight against the climate crisis.