Börch Be Pretty Vitamin H - D - Biotin Spray - Vitamin B7 - Birch Juice Based Oral Spray SP
Börch Be Pretty Vitamin H - D - Biotin Spray - Vitamin B7 - Birch Juice Based Oral Spray SP
Börch Be Pretty Vitamin H - D - Biotin Spray - Vitamin B7 - Birch Juice Based Oral Spray SP
Börch Be Pretty Vitamin H - D - Biotin Spray - Vitamin B7 - Birch Juice Based Oral Spray SP

Börch Be Pretty Vitamin H - D - Biotin Spray - Vitamin B7 - Birch Juice Based Oral Spray SP


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Spray food supplement (with sweetener) 

• For luscious hair and glowing skin
 Birch Sap based Natural Formula
 Stomach Friendly Formulation
• Quickly absorbed into the bloodstream
• Completely Natural Formulation 
• Long lasting quality

Börch – Be Pretty is an all-natural, birch sap-based oral spray. Each long-lasting bottle contains 148 sprays of valuable nutrients. For adults and teens above the age of 12, the recommended daily dose is four sprays. For children under the age of 12, it is recommended to consult a physician.

BE PRETTY contains Vitamin-H as its active ingredient, and birch water, which has long been used by the natives of Eastern Europe and Nordics for shiny hair and beautiful skin. The small, easy-to-use spray bottle will last you a long time, and its micro-droplet delivery mechanism makes sure that the vitamins are directly absorbed into your bloodstream and you do not suffer any digestive discomfort common with many oral supplements.


Benefits of Börch Be Pretty food supplement

Stomach Friendly Formulation: Börch-Be Pretty’s long lasting oral spray bottles contain 37 daily doses, each dose is 2.6 times as effective as traditional pills and capsules. Our micro-droplet system allows the nutrients to be absorbed directly in the mouth, making sure that you do not suffer any digestive discomfort because of the supplement.


Numerous Health Benefits: Each spray provides a dose of micronutrients such as birch sap and D-Biotin. Birch sap has long been traditionally used in Nordic countries to reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin and Vitamin – H is a skin and hair rejuvenation nutrient. With no artificial colors or flavors, this spray solution is a great addition to your diet.


FAST-ACTING & LONG-LASTING: The nutrients in Börch – Be Pretty are quickly absorbed through the mouth, allowing them to enter your bloodstream faster than other forms of oral supplements. Moreover, the contents of the spray are sealed tightly against exposure, making sure that the valuable vitamins inside stay potent for longer than other competitors.


Made For People of All Ages: Börch – Be Pretty nutrient spray is formulated using time-tested nutrients, which makes it safe for use by people of all ages. People above the age of twelve can use this spray up to four times a day, and enrich their daily lives with the wonderful holistic benefits of birch sap and Vitamin-H.


Birch Sap based Natural Formula: Börch – Be Pretty is vegan, sugar-free, GMO free, and free of artificial flavorings or colors. This all-natural oral spray consists of nutrients like Vitamin-H, which improves your skin, and boosts your hair growth, shine and metabolism. The birch sap in the spray is a naturally anti-inflammatory, and works wonders for skin hydration.


Traditional Remedies – Modern Benefits:

The Nordic locals have long known the benefits of birch sap, and they have been using it for a long time for detox, shinier hair and better skin. Modern science has helped us figure out the active ingredients in these traditional remedies and together with top scientists we have worked out a birch water based food supplements.

Vitamin H or D-Biotin is known to provide numerous health benefits. The “H” in the name stands for “Haar und Haut”, which is German for “Hair and Skin”. The vitamin is named so because it is a great supplement for skincare as well as hair care.

Vitamin – H is also known for:

• Improving sluggish metabolism

• Improving the function of nervous system

• Promotes better psychological health

With D-Biotin as the focal ingredient of Börch – Be Pretty oral spray, now you can benefit from nature’s nutritional bounty. The naturally flavored spray is a great addition to your daily diet, and will provide you with the all the benefits without the addition of any artificial colors or flavors.

Recommended Daily Dose

Adults: 4 sprays daily provides 3000 μg (6000%*) vitamin H. Infants and children under 12 years: consult your doctor regarding daily dose. *EUNutrient ReferenceValue.


Birch sap, vegetable glycerin (humectant), steviol glucosides (sweetener), menthol natural flavoring, vitamin H (D-biotin), potassium sorbate (preservative), citric acid (acidity regulator), sodium citrate (acidity regulator), sodium hydrogen carbonate (acidity regulator), lemon natural flavouring.