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“MINTY” birch water


She is minty. She is moody. Inspired by that old cocktail classic but tastes more like our granny’s peppermint ice tea. Excellent after a spa-day or in the hot summer sun! One bottle covers 17% of your daily need of Manganese and 100% of your thirst. The cooling peppermint effect gives an extra refreshment kick.

– Based on FERMENTED birch sap
– Reduced sugar
– No preservatives
– Perfect thirst quencher
– Carbonized
– One bottle cover 17% of the daily need of Manganese

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“MINTY” Organic birch water drink

“MINTY”: ORGANIC fermented birch water with lactic acid bacteria and peppermint
Ingredients: Fermented birch water* (93%), sugar*, lime juice*, peppermint*, carbondioxide.
Nutritional values per 100ml: Energy 71kJ / 17 kcal; Carbohydrates 4,3g; of which sugar 4,3g; Contains negligible amount of fat, saturated fat, protein and salt.


organic certified
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