We are soo excited to announce our Biodiversity Limited Edition! The Limited Edition fermented birch water line comes in a reusable bottle and with a cap made of real birch bark.

Nature to touch and feel.

The design was inspired by the forests of Ösel. It shows the thin balance of nature in a contemporary look and feel. The bottle has an elongated shape and a cap made of real birch bark to bring nature directly into your home. We do believe, that it is important that we connect more with the nature in our everyday life.

To be even more sustainable, extend the life of this bottle beyond consumption and use it as a decorative element in your daily life. Or simply refill and reuse.

Birch sap and  #Biodiversity

According to WWF “below the Canopy” report, there is 53% decline in size of forest wildlife populations since 1970. Collecting birch water can add another 30 years of life for the forest and its eco-system. For example, when forest owners would usually sell their wood for timber as soon as it’s considered an “adult tree”, they could instead start collecting birch water for another 30 or so years. This would help the forest biodiversity to flourish for many more years.

“Like wild mushrooms, blueberries or maple water, birch water is also a natural produce from the forest that one can collect once a year. The more additional value we can add to the forest owner by harvesting the produce of the forest the more s/he is incentivized to do maintenance and not sell the woodland for timber”, says Ardon Kaerma, co-founder of ÖselBirch. In addition, research has shown, that birch tree is able to remineralize soils and therefore prepare a good foundation for other species to grow.

Who’s gonna save the world tonight?

It’s you, it’s me, it’s us!

Your purchase decision is your vote for the future. Pick your favorite and decide on a future in which your children and grandchildren can enjoy fresh air, clean water and abundant wildlife.

Every bottle sold supports World Cleanup Day and Plant-for-the-planet.org

PS: Currently we deliver to Germany, Switzerland and Austria.