Could I Lose 10kg And Look 5 Years Younger Just By Drinking Birch Water?

Guest Article.
Author: Geithi Rammul

A New Year has arrived, and all the New Year resolutions are noted down on our notebooks. Unfortunately, those New Year resolutions, quite often than not, are far too ambitious and extreme and thus, already doomed to fail from the start. According to folk medicine, birch water is a powerful nature’s medicine.

Being inspired by the folk stories, I wanted to carry out an experiment: I consumed 7 bottles of birch water (fermented, pure) in a week to see, if any promised health benefits are actually achievable. Wondering how did I do? Could it be possible that my weight number dropped by ten and the centimeters around my waist melted? Maybe!

Birch water – a medicine of miracle?

I knew a bit about birch water and its health benefits but not much. It’s been called a Nature’s Medicine. However, I wanted to see myself how it effects my body and mind (including stress, tiredness and mood swings). Literature research claims that birch sap is ideal for body cleansing, it is told to boost the immune system and energize the body.

According to folk medicine, birch water helps to fight fatigue and stress which are currently very problematic topics. I mean, realistically, who has not been fighting with these before? Birch sap helps to get rid of all the dispensable, while boosting you with vitamins and minerals that give new strength and energy. By consuming enough good, living bacteria, that can be found in fermented birch water, you are making a big favor to your digestive system.

The experiment

So, I consumed one bottle of SOUR Börch every day for one week. Like the name already says, SOUR tasted a bit like lemon water and it was an excellent thirst quencher. It does not contain preservatives and it is sugar free! However, it is important to mention that I didn’t change anything else in my daily menu. On a side note: I consider my diet rather healthy in which I avoid eating any processed foods and sugars. I must admit – the title of this blog post is intriguing, but quite often than not, such results are expected. People hope to find some sort of miracle cure that will help them overnight. Nowadays, there are countless ways to live a quality life. You just have to find the best solution for you. The experiment convinced me that birch sap is ideal for those who wish to kickstart their healthy lifestyle.

The results

During the first few days of the experiment, there weren’t any noticeable changes compared to the end of the week. The body was just getting used to it. After a couple of days, I noticed that I felt more positive and overall, my well-being had improved. I suddenly had much more energy! Although, I did not have any direct commitments or due dates, I got a lot done in a day, especially towards the end of the week. And I felt good! I had a lot of motivation and my mind was sharp.

As mentioned earlier, I did not pay additional attention to my eating throughout the experiment. If I had, I would’ve likely to achieved even more. The goal was to determine how birch sap affects my well-being and what kind of effect can this little change have on my everyday life. My digestion improved despite the fact that I was overeating over Christmas. And I started to notice big changes after big Christmas dinners – the next day I did not feel bloated at all! I guess it may be a bit suspicious that one bottle birch water a day can make such a big difference. But little things actually matter. Also, my facial skin improved, whether it was related to birch sap it is up to you to decide. At the end of the experiment, promised changes were noticeable, especially mentally, but also in my appearance.

Your body cleanses itself

Your body cleanses itself in several different ways. Mainly through skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines and lymphatic system. However, you can help along by making better choices in terms of food and drink. Oh, I wish I would have a solution that would work overnight, lose 10 kg and look younger, however, there is no miracle medicine. There is no product that can give you these results, no detox tea, tablet or birch sap.

I am certain that you have come across different false promises e.g. “One tablespoon of this product will make you feel a lot better. This is low in sugars and low it fat’’. Unfortunately, you are being sold fake dreams. You may find yourself surprised when reading the ingredients: an advertised ‘healthy product’ turns out to be a sugar bomb. It is important to be aware of the product’s origin, what it contains, as well as, generally following a healthy, nutritious diet.

Please note that a healthy diet does not mean giving up tasty foods. The key is in quantities and to know what to consume more often and what to consume less. You do not need to drink 10 bottles of birch sap a day in order to lose weight fast, one bottle a day would be enough to get results if you are consistent. Choose a long-term but effective solution than short-lived extreme diet. It is important to be persistent and to make lifestyle changes that last. Find products that are not full of false promises but actually benefit your health!