Birch Water Accelerating Through Midsummer

It’s just past Midsummer and therefore an appropriate timing for a quick review of the last few months. Probably nothing in start-up life is ever chilled and laid back (except hierarchy structures) but the last few months have been even more intense and accelerated. So what happened?

After months of searching for a production partner in central Europe, we remained unsuccessful. In a stage of lost and “now what?!” we were contacted by Nestlé. Now, before you get any ideas and dismiss all the following, bear with us. After an initial Skype talk and getting to know each other, we were invited to visit Nestlé Research, in Lausanne, Switzerland. This was an invitation one couldn’t say no to. Who wouldn’t like to have a little peek into all these masterminds working there? While still skeptical when going there, we were positively surprised by several points, which eventually lead us to where we are now: Nestlé Research & Development Accelerator Program.

What have we achieved in the Accelerator thus far?

Thanks to the Accelerator, we learnt a lot about how the food and beverage industry works and how our innovative raw material – birch water – fits into all of this. According to folk medicine, birch water has been used for several purposes in Estonia and other Nordic countries and now we have been able to understand the science behind it. We also have a much better idea on global food industry regulations and factors needed to scale up production. Due to various steps taken, we will have a recipe which more than one manufacturer in Estonia will be able to produce. Therefore addressing our initial problem and enabling us to reduce transportation and source some of the raw materials regionally.

And the most exciting news as last: ÖselBirch is soft-launching in Switzerland! Today you are already able to have a sip of Börch with your meal at Café Henry in Vevey. And in summertime you can enjoy everyone’s favourite Rhubarbie and a delicious cocktail ÖselBirch Basil Smash on La Terrassé Nestlé at the biggest event this summer in Switzerland: La Féte des Vignerons

We are so grateful for this opportunity and very excited about the journey ahead of us. Feel free to ask us anything what’s on your mind. Contact us via Facebook, Instagram or simply write us an email.

Some of the questions answered already upfront:

  • We will remain true to our values: we are sustainable and environment friendly, 100% organic, preservative free and with reduced sugar content.
  • We are still a family-owned company.