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Liver is one of the most important organs. Chinese doctors say that it’s the most important organ of the human body. It is the largest digestive gland that helps to clean our body of toxic substances. Our bodies are amazing – they are able to convert toxins into harmless substances and release these. This is thanks to liver. Being toxic free is essential for good health and well-being.

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kasemahl, birch tree water

Every spring, when the snow melts and the nature is waking up,  the birch trees draw gallons of water underneath the frozen surface of the soil.

Birch water can be collected only once a year! The harvesting time is brief and lasts only a few weeks in the early spring. You can collect the sap by tapping the tree trunk, or alternatively, collect it from a tree branch. After the harvest, the hole is closed and the tree heals itself within a year. Fresh birch sap tastes lightly sweet and it is drinkable right away.

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meist kasemahl ÖselBirch
Last weekend ÖselBirch team was cheering for all the motivated boys and girls at the Reebok Fitness Festival in Tallinn. The training schedule was busy and offered a lot of varieties from dance classes and yoga up to BodyPump and GRIT. With trainers around the world, it was surely a day full of excellent workouts!
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kasemahl birch water detox

In our last post we wrote about toxicity and some basic principles how to cleanse your body. In this post we will give you 10 simple steps that will allow you to detoxify. Our organs need to be cleansed in order to work efficiently and without detriment. While our body already has a natural detoxifying system, your body will thank you if you give a little extra input from your side to help.

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