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ÖselBirch pivot in packaging

Let’s look back at Nestle R&D accelerator, our market test which culminated in a packaging pivot, taking aboard our first investors and the ambitious plans that we have ahead of us in the next months.

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Detox Birkensaft, Birkenwasser Apreunelemente vitaminen mineralien birch water

There are so many goodies in our forests. If we only knew how to get the most out of them! Nutritionist Teele Teder, shares easy tips on how to get the most out of drinking ÖselBirch birch water.

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birchwater nestle accelerator kasemahl ÖselBirch kiirendi

It’s just past Midsummer and therefore an appropriate timing for a quick review of the last few months. Probably nothing in start-up life is ever chilled and laid back (except hierarchy structures) but the last few months have been even more intense and accelerated. So what happened?

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fermented birch water detox good for digestion

New Year resolutions are noted down on our notebooks. According to folk medicine, birch water is a powerful nature’s medicine and I took upon me to make a simple experiment.

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achievement-team work

In the first 2018 review post we brought out our highlights of the year. In this one, we will dwell more into the challenges we had and what has happened after the German TV show.

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jumping into new year

As we are leaving yet another year behind us, we want to take time to reflect, to see where we did good, where we could’ve done better and to thank the people without whom we would not be here. The year has been a total rollercoaster with so many highlights that we simply have to pick out the favorites.

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ÖselBirch birch water DETOX liver cleanse

Liver is one of the most important organs. Chinese doctors say that it’s the most important organ of the human body. It is the largest digestive gland that helps to clean our body of toxic substances. Our bodies are amazing – they are able to convert toxins into harmless substances and release these. This is thanks to liver. Being toxic free is essential for good health and well-being.

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get your shit together world cleanup

If you have been following us for a longer time then you probably already know, that environmental issues are really close to our hearts. We have been looking for different ways how we can contribute to a clean environment and do our part as a company, yet we couldn’t find the perfect partner for that. Until we noticed that answer had been in front of our eyes the entire time: Let’s Do It Foundation & World Cleanup Day! 

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kasemahl, birch tree water

Every spring, when the snow melts and the nature is waking up,  the birch trees draw gallons of water underneath the frozen surface of the soil.

Birch water can be collected only once a year! The harvesting time is brief and lasts only a few weeks in the early spring. You can collect the sap by tapping the tree trunk, or alternatively, collect it from a tree branch. After the harvest, the hole is closed and the tree heals itself within a year. Fresh birch sap tastes lightly sweet and it is drinkable right away.

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meist kasemahl ÖselBirch
Last weekend ÖselBirch team was cheering for all the motivated boys and girls at the Reebok Fitness Festival in Tallinn. The training schedule was busy and offered a lot of varieties from dance classes and yoga up to BodyPump and GRIT. With trainers around the world, it was surely a day full of excellent workouts!
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